Yoga is Life - Vinyasa Yoga in de Pijp Amsterdam

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Yoga is Life - Vinyasa Yoga in de Pijp Amsterdam

Omschrijving van yogaschool:

Yoga is Life offers you the opportunity to experience the union of mind, body and spirit. In each class we focus on relaxation, stillness of the mind and physical strength. We work with small groups (max 10 students) allowing us to focus on quality and personal attention. It’s our aim here to create an intimate atmosphere conducive to create flow and growth, not competition.

Yoga is fun and it’s a nice way to create more balance in your life. You’ll enjoy better mental health, increased spiritual awareness and in the process, you’ll become stronger and more flexible.

Yoga practitioners (yogi’s) of all styles and levels are welcome.


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Adres van yogaschool: Soulful Studio - Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 33huis
Amsterdam De Pijp yoga
Amsterdam Zuid yoga
Telefoonnummer: 06 45396140
Yogalesrooster: Dagdeel van Yogales: Maandagavond
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