Yoga Without Borders - Hatha Yoga in Amsterdam

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Yoga Without Borders - Hatha Yoga in Amsterdam

Omschrijving van yogaschool:

Observing the body, observing the breath and observing the mind with a fine awareness which witnesses the completeness of the present moment.

The classical yoga includes practices such as breathing techniques (pranayama) and steady postures (asana) which are performed with a focused, concentrated state of mind. These practices help to calm the nervous system and steady the mind, they are practised with mindfulness.

Yoga incorporates both philosophy and science. Although we may be drawn to practicing yoga for its positive effects upon our health and happiness, the practice gradually helps us to let go of the borders and definitions which limit our vision of the world. The goal of the practice of yoga is to gain insight into our true nature.

Yoga is a practical science which aims to resolve the idea of separateness between the individual and the universe. The word yoga refers in its meaning to 'union', and this union refers to the experience of selflessness, to the experience of liberation. One can say that it is a practical science since dedication to its practice will eventually lead one to this experience.

Throughout the centuries of its existance, the various paths of yoga - Karma, Bhakti, Jnana and Raja yoga have enabled many individuals to reach this sublime state.


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Adres van yogaschool: Filmhuis 'De Lange Adem' - Ruyschstraat 295
Amsterdam Oosterpark yoga
Amsterdam Oost yoga
Telefoonnummer: 06 41766555
Yogalesrooster: Dagdeel van Yogales: Dinsdagavond
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